SlapOS is a decentralized Cloud Computing technology that can automate the deployment and configuration of applications in a heterogeneous environment.

How to contribute to Buildout

What is slapos.buildout

slapos.buildout is a fork of zc.buildout ( maintained by the SlapOS team that includes all fixes made by the team.

Ideally, all fixes should be merged to zc.buildout upstream repository and code should be kept synchronized.

How to enhance zc.buildout / slapos.buildout :

Some rules to follow to make maintainer happy

  • Don't commit anything to master, but commit in dedicated branch!

How to test zc.buildout

To develop zc.buildout correctly, please follow strictly:

Quote from maintainer

I was running whole buildout test suite. First on upstream clean branch in order to see results on my current box. Then I was running on branch and I compared the results. There are some errors and failures on clean upstream codebase with python2.7, it is responsibility of releaser to analyse it and ignore them or not (e.g tests related to existence of some specific binary in /usr/bin/ are not important).

So I extensively used git and buildout developers hints (they are availalble in slapos.buildout repository) in order to release buildout versions. Sometimes I made mistakes (again I refer to log of slapos.buildout), but well...then I re-released.