SlapOS is a decentralized Cloud Computing technology that can automate the deployment and configuration of applications in a heterogeneous environment.

How To Use SDN For A Single Server 

Download re6st


For the people in China, please visit download re6st by this: 


Run re6st

sudo FORCE=yes bash re6st

Since you already have a token from XXX get re6st token url, you can just run the re6st command with root.

Enter Token

Your token [notoken]: [Your_token]

It will download some packages and then install re6st. Type the token you got in above when the script asks.

Test ipv6

ip -6 route

There are multiple ways to check if you can access IPv6 network. You can see the IPv6 address from the command ip -6 route. You can easily go to some test IPv6 website like with your different devices under the local network.