Deploy VPS With A Different Linux

How to Deploy a VPS with a different OS (Linux) on Rapid.Space

You are free to install any operating system on your VPS. Although a Debian 10 install image is pre-installed for you. Here we will introduce how to install a different LinuxOS. 

Access Hosting Subscription

🔗 Rapid.Space Panel


Click on 🔗 Rapid.Space Panel, and login with your Rapid.Space account to reach the Services list as showing in the presentation. Click on the subscription of your VPS to access the detailed parameters of this subscription.

Install other Linux distributions: Fill in the Boot Image

Select one of your favorite Linux distributions in the Boot Image and Save.

Stop the service and save

Wait 5 minutes after the change. 

Start the service

Start the service and save, wait 5 minutes, you will have the installation image ready. If you want to install a Windows OS, please check How to Deploy a VPS with a different OS (Windows) on Rapid.Space

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