SlapOS is a decentralized Cloud Computing technology that can automate the deployment and configuration of applications in a heterogeneous environment.

Inspect Services And Connection Parameters on Theia

This presentation aims to demonstrate how to verify the deployment of "helloworld" software release on a SlapOS Theia. The process can be used for any software available on the SlapOS repository. Note, that the SlapOS Theia is an extensible platform to develop multi-language Cloud & Desktop IDEs with state-of-the-art web technologies. Instantiating a SlapOS thus means, creating a smaller encapsulated system for then deploying another software inside. This is a useful approach for developing or hosting simple software releases.

Table of Content

  • Before You Start
  • (1/1) Inspect Services And Connection Parameters

We’ll show how to inspect the services and relevant connection parameters from the deployment of last tutorial (Deploy Software on Theia) in this presentation within one step.

Before You Start 

Make sure you have done the previous tutorials and have your instance supplied from software.

(1/1) Inspect Services And Connection Parameters

Run the command in your Terminal:

slapos request "hello world instance" $PWD/slapos/software/helloworld/software.cfg

request is also the command to get parameters from a service and create the service even if it’s not yet created.

(1/1) Inspect Services And Connection Parameters

slapos proxy show: display proxy instances and parameters
Run the command in your Terminal:

slapos proxy show

We also have an advanced command to display more information:  slapos proxy show. It will be used frequently since now. You'd better get familiar with it.

(1/1) Inspect Services And Connection Parameters

Proxy instances and parameters displayed 

With the help of slapos proxy show, the services defined in the software.cfg file should be started and displayed:

 slappart0       local           busy    /srv/slapgrid/slappart49/srv/project/slapos/software/helloworld/software.cfg RootSoftwareInstance hello world instance      -           started     1603890566.29

The connection parameters defined in the will be displayed:

slappart0: hello world instance (type RootSoftwareInstance)
    name = Hello John Doe!
    url.go = http://[2001:67c:1254:45:a9d5::d847]:7779
    url.python = http://[2001:67c:1254:45:a9d5::d847]:7777
    url.ruby = http://[2001:67c:1254:45:a9d5::d847]:7778

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