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Re: Looking for a free partition
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Thank you Alain,

I have made some progress. But have a few observations and queries, especially around the documentation.

>1. "service-v6": It's the url that should be used as master_url in all SlapOS Nodes configuration, generally in /etc/opt/slapos/slapos.cfg.

So should I change 'master_url =' in  /etc/opt/slapos/slapos.cfg to the service-v6 value - https://[2001:67c:1254:12::83b2]:2157 ?

>Deploy Frontend

>To access to the web interface of the SlapOS Master, you will need to setup a reverse proxy (a.k.a "Apache frontend") with slapos. By default, it will use infrastructure of to act as a frontend. But you can use yours.

So I assume that this step is optional and I can continue using as the frontend for the master. Is my understanding correct? Is the process to configure an Apache based reverse proxy documented with any specifics that may be required in this scenario?

> Request Slave Frontend Instance
> From the SlapOS console: type the following command. You should replace 'COMP-XXXX' in the end by the identifier of your SlapOS Node:

The instructions should be to replace both COMP-XXXX and WEB-v6 URL.

I used this:

  'Slave frontend for SlapOS Master on COMP-2547',
    'url': 'https://[2001:67c:1254:12::83b2]:2159',
    'type': 'zope',
    'path': 'erp5',

I was able to login but upon first login encountered this error. See screenshot.

With these instructions it seems that the resulting erp5 website is being hosted at which means that it is not on my local server. Shouldn't the "SlapOS Master Slave frontend" be also hosted by my local server or is it? Sorry, I am completely lost on this concept.

>Site Consistency and Configurator

>    First solve Site Consistency like described at:

The link returns a 404. Hence I continued with some guess work and clicked on 'Check Site Consistency' from the 'My Favourites' menu.

There were some issues -

 I chose 1st and 4th and hit 'Force Reload Promises' and 2nd and 3rd and hit 'Fix Site Configuration'. I hope I have done the right thing. All this was guesswork as I am growing impatient with this deployment and my development team is also waiting far too long on this.

>Check /portal_activities/manageActivities and wait until there is no activity left. You can periodically reload the page to see the status.

There are no activities listed. At least I never could see any whenever I have opened this page.

>Solve again consistency if any consistency error is still present and wait for background activities to finish.

No error to handle.

>As soon "Configure Your Site" is Showed on menu (and make sure you don't have activities) you can guide yourself with :

The only option I get is this -

I clicked on Configure and then went back to check something and then clicked on Configure again and I did not get any options to configure but the installation started and the URL is this -

Do let me know if you need any further information. I am trying to proceed ahead from here. It has been around 20 minutes and the screen is showing this, but is progressing slowly -

and there is a lot of activity/load on the server. Server is a VM with 4 cores and 8 GB memory. I am hoping this will complete soon.

I hope this feedback is good enough to make certain improvements to the documentation. Look forward to your thoughts on my observations above.

Is it possible that we can communicate over some IRC or IM such as Skype or Google hangout, etc. because this communication may not actually benefit anyone since most are issues that will happen again once the documentation is perfected and if we interact better, then we may be able to test faster and improve the documentation even faster?