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Re: Howto debug failing Apache Frontend request ?
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Hi Cédric,

Yes, in the meantime I got some request parameters but sadly they do not work yet for jupyter. The problem is that to connect to jupyter, I need more than one redirect at the same time: I need the path "/" to use https and I need the path "/api/kernels/" to use wss, while the reverse proxy for "/api/kernels" needs to use https again. With plain apache, the only configuration which works for me is the one I wrote in the very first post of this thread in "apache_custom_http". Then Rafael wrote that apache_custom_http is not allowed in vifib for security reasons. This is why tried now to convert the working configuration into apache frontend request parameters only by using "url" and "path" parameters, but I don't know how to use several "url" and several "path" parameters in the same request. Rafael then wrote in the third post of this thread "I think you can request several slaves for the same thing, and using url and path parameters.". This is why I asked, if there is a document how to achieve this.