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Re: NLTK Buildout: Download and install nltk_data
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As you have noticed indeed there are 2 ways

  1. Direct download, from buildout point of view simple, no idea why so complex from nltk point of view
  2. Or you can have buildout generate a wrapper script download-nltk that download needed. Script executed manually
  3. Same as #2 but profile configurable and script automatically called  (like service or so)

Anyway I feel that in case one needs to work with nltp then it's certain that what one needs in terms of downloads can be quite different from what others needs (i.e. configuration). Thus most likely one needs to have freedom to download more packages than what we "decide" default slapos profile should have. For this it's either slapos configuration or file system access over ssh to "hack".

Can we see current profile code?