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NLTK Buildout: Download and install nltk_data
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upfront: I am not experienced at all with the builout process and slapos.

 I am trying to create a software release for the python lib NLTK. The actual package is straightforward, however the library requires a (large) amount of data to be downloaded and install seperately.

 This data usually is installed with an interactive GUI or a few python-calls ie.

import nltk
packages = ['words', 'webtext']

The "raw" data is also available as a direct download here. However, looking at the source-code installing this raw data seems rather involved and complicated.

So my question is if it is okay to use the python-utility provided by nltk to download the data, or if I should somehow try to install it via the direct download (ie. one thing to consider is that using the downloader circumvents possible caching and such provided by the more orthodox installation process).