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Re: Fleuntd slapos-fication
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 This was somehow implemented on Monitor software release:

Apache Frontend approach could be used as referecing approach considering the configuration of fluentd should be always done via templates, and never input direct configuration file (or partial file) on parameters. The complexity should be minimalized by the usage of templates.

 If the fluentd is part of many SR, create a stack (and not a software like erp5) is better.

From: Ivan Tyagov


For number of projects we need to be able to configure fluentd (

Before we do propose something I have following questions:

  1. Currently fluentd is a "components", is it correct to say that if we add "configuration" to it we should place it as well under "software" (i.e. create NEW
  2. How we can pass configuration from slapos master to a software fluentd instance? Is there already a fixed and recommended way of doing - please note that it can be quite complex configuration? Maybe an example can be provided ?