SlapOS is a decentralized Cloud Computing technology that can automate the deployment and configuration of applications in a heterogeneous environment.

Hello guys,

It's been a long time since I haven't advertised a new version of SlapOS Node (a.k.a slapgrid, in old naming).

In the last weeks, we published a lot of small incremental releases of slapos.core, always
more polished.

Today we released a new version of SlapOS Node. The whole changelog is here:
(You can know the current version of slapos.core by spotting the latest version of slapos.core in /opt/slapos/eggs.)

Let me highlight the most important changes we made those last 2 months:

* Add a "watchdog" : if a watched process crash, it will trigger immediately a "bang". (I'll write more doc on this later)
* Added "periodicity" feature: if an instance has not been processed by slapgrid after defined time, process it.
* Introduce simpler "slapos" entry point. See here for documentation: It allows to do things like "slapos node software" to replace the looong older commands.

* slapgrid: Introduce --only_sr and --only_cp.
- only_sr filter and force the run of a single SR, and uses url_md5
- only_cp filter which computer patition, will be runned. it can be a
list, splited by comma (slappartX,slappartY ...)
* Add "slave instances" support in slapproxy

* "-c" (--console) option is now useless: we ALWAYS output into stdout, and in file if --logfile is specified.
* Removed the random delay when running slapgrid
* Much less calls to master, and much more type checks compared to older versions. It means, no longer "computer_id=None" errors.

Most of those features are now daily tested.

Of course, in case of bug, you can slap me directly. Or use the forums.

To update, you can read the doc here :

In the very near future, we will continue to improve usability of the different slapos commands, and provide a nicer usage/documentation for it.

Happy upgrade!