SlapOS is a decentralized Cloud Computing technology that can automate the deployment and configuration of applications in a heterogeneous environment.


I'm pleased to announce the release of SlapOS Node version 0.35.

As I haven't advertised release of SlapOS Node version 0.34, I will include it in this blog post.

Now that SlapOS Node is quite stable (since 0.33), the 0.34 and 0.35 releases basically contains many small improvements and simplifications that you may love to use. It also contains edge cases support in case of something being corrupted in a partition.

Feel free to update your SlapOS Node package in your favorite distribution.

Note: in Debian based distributions, upgrading the package may cause instances to change their IP. If you care about your current IPs, just backup the /opt/slapos/slapos.xml file into your home directory before upgrade, and place it back after upgrade.

Here is the changelog:

0.35 (2012-02-08)


 * slapformat now creates a backup of old slapos.xml containing all IPs in case of future problem.

 * slapformat hopefully doesn't change local IPv4 of partition if IPv6 changed. 

 * SlapOS Node creates and runs a /opt/slapgrid/$MD5/buildout.cfg for each Software Release, for easier hacking/debugging.

 * SlapOS Node no longer crashes if sending an error to the SlapOS Master triggers itself an error.

 * SlapOS Node no longer crashes if partition's certificate does not exist on master.

 * Add a CLI query command for slapproxy (slapproxy-query).

 * Many minor other typo / output fixes.

0.34 (2013-01-23)


 * All the logs are rotated and will be deleted after a few days. No more 500MB logs!

 * Binary cache now properly works with Ubuntu. Ubuntu is no longer recognised as "Debian/unstable".

 * SlapOS Client now correctly detects the default configuration file. It means running "slapos request X Y" works.

 * SlapOS Node no longer crashes if one partition is in bad state when reporting.

 * SlapOS Node no longer tries to force-process a stopped instance.

 * The Watchdog subsystem now correctly reports an error with the correct certificate.

 * SlapOS Node creates a symlink to software_release in each partition to ease debugging.

 * The "slapproxy" system now handle complex cases like resilient Software Releases and Slave instances.

 * Many minor other improvements, see "CHANGES.txt" of slapos.core.git for details.

Happy slapping,

The SlapOS Node Team