SlapOS is a decentralized Cloud Computing technology that can automate the deployment and configuration of applications in a heterogeneous environment.


[WHAT IS SLAPOS] SlapOS is a software for deploying and managing other software applications on any cloud infrastructure. It can be used to achieving DevOps by automating provisioning, orchestration, backup, resiliency, recovery and invoicing of software applications. SlapOS is part of Nexedi's software stack.

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Getting Started

[DRAFT - make this like Forum tutorial for SlapOS = a lecture?] Before you start, make sure you at least read Design Document on the SlapOS architecture explaining key concepts and how SlapOS is supposed to be used.

There are several tutorials showing you how to get started and achieving specific objectives with SlapOS.

You can either create a SlapOS (Slave) Node and register it with Vifib or any other SlapOS-based cloud hosting provider. This will allow you to [DO WHAT?] XXX. To setup your own cloud infrastructure, you can follow the tutorials to create a SlapOS Master and learn how to register Nodes on your master. You can find out how to deploy services on your cloud instrastructure and make these available to users. Additional tutorials will teach how to extend or configure your services and monitor their usage from SlapOS Master.

A number of additional tutorials cover extending the above setup, for example to customize the configuration of a SlapOS Master or Slave, deploying local or complex Slapos Masters and finally developing your own Software Release.

Once you have accomplished all of the above tutorials, you should be familiar enough with SlapOS to use it to create your own cloud infrastrucre and provide services to users.


[LIST MANUALLY FOR NOW]. Aside from the above tutorials, a number of additional documentation provides insights into certain topics.

  • Design Documents - explaining concepts behind SlapOS
  • Guidelines - rules for developing with and contributing to SlapOS
  • Tutorials - lectures explaining how to use SlapOS
  • HowTos - step by step explanation of certain topics
  • Technical Notes - important informaton on certain aspects
  • Faq - common questions about SlapOS

Source Code

[XXX THERE ARE MANY REPOS, LIST ALL?] You can find the source code in the following Git repository: (Github mirror).


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[XXX WHERE ARE TESTS? NO TESTS FOR NEW UI, CAN'T FIND TESTS FROM LUKE]. Automated test results are published on XXX.


[XXX Add manually for now]


SlapOS is Free Software, licensed under GNU GPL v3 (or later). For details, please refer to the Nexedi licensing.