Welcome to the SlapOS Community website.

What is SlapOS

SlapOS is a decentralized Cloud Computing technology. It can automate the deployment and configuration of applications in a heterogeneous environment.

SlapOS supports IaaS, PaaS and SaaS applications. SlapOS handles the provisioning of application instances with accounting and billing modules.

SlapOS also provides a portal and interface to handle customer registration, support request, invoicing and payment actions.

If you run more than 20 instances of the same application or operate more than 10 servers, SlapOS is for you.

It helps you to turn any software application into a solid SaaS in less than a week.

Entrepreneurs and software publishers can quickly create proprietary SaaS solutions for vertical markets or for domain specific applications.

This website contains all the documentations, forums and references about SlapOS in a single place.


Click here to access the SlapOS Official Documentation and Tutorials as a lecture.

SlapOS Web Runner: Official Documentation and Tutorial as a Lecture.

Design Documents

SlapOS design has been already discussed in public mailing lists and scientific articles.

Presentation videos

SlapOS, A Python Powered Open Source Cloud Computing System by Yusei Tahara at PyCon Japan 2011.

SlapOS - Reduce your sysadmin work by 80% and fly across 36 clouds by C├ędric de Saint Martin at Open World Forum for Open Source Developer Conference (OSDC), France 2012.

Mioga on SlapOS - A collaborative Extranet rises into the Clouds by Viktor Horvath at Open World Forum for Open Source Developer Conference (OSDC), France 2012.

Presentation Slides

SlapOS, Distributed Cloud Computing by Rafael Monnerat at Python Brasil 2011. (Presentation Mode)

Get started with SlapOS, the Distributed Cloud System by Rafael Monnerat and Christophe Cerin at SBAC-PAD'2011 . (Presentation Mode)


SlapOS leverages solid, community-driven open source technologies.

  • buildout is the community-driven, open source build technology which is used by SlapOS to specifiy software stacks which are then deployed on the Cloud. More informations at the Why Buildout page.
  • supervisord is the community-drive, open source process control technology which slapgrid relies on.
  • ERP5 is the open source Zope-based ERP which powers SlapOS Master to provide accounting, provisionning and billing.
  • NEO is a distributed transactional NoSQL object database which provides scalability to SlapOS master.
  • Kiwi image system has been used to build SlapOS images.
  • IPv6, while not a "open source" technology, is in the core of SlapOS. [french] Here (mirror link) is a state of the art of IPv6.

Developer Guidelines