SlapOS is a decentralized Cloud Computing technology that can automate the deployment and configuration of applications in a heterogeneous environment.

SlapOS supports IaaS, PaaS and SaaS applications. SlapOS handles the provisioning of application instances with accounting and billing modules.

SlapOS also provides a portal and interface to handle customer registration, support request, invoicing and payment actions.

If you run more than 20 instances of the same application or operate more than 10 servers, SlapOS is for you.

It helps you to turn any software application into a solid SaaS in less than a week.

Entrepreneurs and software publishers can quickly create proprietary SaaS solutions for vertical markets or for domain specific applications.

Latest Documents

16-04 2021

Rapid.Space Learning Track

Moved to rapidspace-Learning.Track
19-02 2021

Deploy Software on Theia

Document showing how to deploy software on the SlapOS Theia
29-01 2021

SlapOS Tutorial - Installing SlapOS Node (Comp-123)

FINAL - Tutorial outlining the steps of installing a SlapOS node
11-01 2021

SlapOS Design Document - Understanding SlapOS Promises

FINAL - A design document introducing Promises and on how it is used in SlapOS.

Latest Discussions

14-07 2020

2 by Ben B

I always try to install comp-0 with bash slapos. No error detected, but not servers found too.
22-04 2013

re6st report by Ulysse Beaugnon by Jean-Paul Smets

Ulysse Beaugnon is one of the authors of re6st. His report published in september 2012 provides some ideas of current strength and limitations of re6st.
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